Keytrans Logistics is a company of services focused to foreign trade into its three divisions below:


Each one of these divisions attempt specifics purposes and needs of companies, anyway, all these are guided to the best performance in the operations, with seriousness and commitment.

The division of Industrial & Governmental Projects attempt three relevant issues such as study for economic possibility, analysis for reductions of duties, public treasury, customs taxes and logistic management, among others. Usually these are operations applied to implant factories and amplification of operations, besides governmental purchases and projects infrastructure.

In complement of that, division of Freight Forwarding and Logistics allows that operations above may be effected through our international network agents. No matter what kind of transportation or logistic your merchandise will require, we can work on it by air, sea, rail, road or river in order to achieve its final destination, wherever it is placed. For all companies which work with international markets, independent of quantities and frequency.

The newest division of international business, Trader One – Business and Operations Management works in the business prospecting to the companies who wish to start new business beyond their markets or those who want to expand its operations.

Check it out at and see what this division can do to your business.

We hope for your contact and wish you good business!

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