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The history of Keytrans is the result of constant learning and improvement that we are building through the years, what we want to share with you.

Its founder, Rubens Nelson Domiciano, began to work with foreign trade in the 60’s, when the markets had different dynamic as than nowadays.

His professional path starts at Norton Megan Hampshire & Co., a british company from segment of international representative. He follows its learning in a traditional customs broker company in Sao Paulo until get his first big challenge in a freight forwarding French Group named SCAC, nowadays as S.D.V – SCAC DELMAS-VIELGÉ. This professional experience helped him to implant in Brazil and other Latin American countries the network of other French Group, CALBERSON with actual name of group Geodis. With Calberson, he was the major shareholder of company named Cletrans, what explain the name of Keytrans, established in 1999 with all experience and knowledge lived during these years.

The other partner, Marcelo Domiciano, started working at Cletrans in 1994, anyway, he leaves the company to start working at textile industry, where he could work in the biggest companies in the international departments. As from these experiences, he returns to the new company Keytrans and create an international business division to prospect companies and develop business worldwide.

Below you will find a timeline briefing of Keytrans, which join tradition and modernity:

1967: Rubens Domiciano start working at Norton Megan Hampshire, following to customs broker L. Figueiredo and also in the bicycle industry Monark, always in the international departments.

1975: Invited to work at SCACBRAS in Brazil, actual named as S.D.V – Scac Delmas Vielgé, a company focused to international freight forwarding.

1983: In August, Rubens is invited to go to Paris and receive the offer from group Calberson to establish a company in Brazil, as a branch of Calberson, to work with freight forwarding and logistics.

1984: As the owner and partnership, he begins the operation of company Cletrans as a representative agent from Calberson in Brazil. He participates intensively in the development of Latin America network of group and built many business and projects during that time, through profitable operations.

1994: Marcelo Domiciano starts at Cletrans remaining until 1997. He works in Cletrans until 2000, when he begins to work in at textile companies until 2004.

1997: Rubens leaves the group Calberson and establishes Keytrans, with target to projects and logistics.

2004: Marcelo creates with Rubens the new business division of Keytrans, Trader One, with target to promote business worldwide as an international business agent.

The sequence of that history may be written and made for all of us. What about trying us?

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